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Century Cedar Log Homes Our Cedar Log Homes allow you the luxury of choice from contemporary to stately to rustic. We have a home suited for your location be it mountainside, sea shore, desert or city suburb. Each home is unique, and a beautiful living experience. The main focus of Century Cedar Log Homes is customer service and quality products.
URL: http://www.centurycedar.com/
Type: Manufact
944 McCourtney Road, Suite D, Grass Valley, CA USA 95949

Classic Log Cabins of the Old West LLC A modular log cabin made from Full Round Logs, built in a factory and delivered to your site! Real Logs! (not log siding!) The logs are the insulation! (R-22 equivalent) Insulated floors (R-30+) and insulated roofs (R-30+)! Dual pane insulated aluminum windows! There is nothing like living in a real log cabin. Imagine yourself surrounded by the warmth and feel of real wood. Until now many people have felt the need to build their own log cabin or settle for a frame home with log siding.
URL: http://www.classiclogcabins.com
Type: Manufact
102 E. Main St, Payson, AZ USA 85541
Phone:928-474-9213 * Fax:775-429-4720

CNW Log Homes of America CNW Log Homes of America is an experienced group of veteran log home dealers who have worked with major log home companies across the United States with more than 33 years of combined experience in the log home business. Due to CNW Log Homes affiliations with multiple manufacturers, we have the flexibility to deliver to our customers "the home of their dreams." Our research has proven that CNW Log Homes can provide the best cost to value in the business. We offer highly competitive pricing for Milled, Swedish Cope and Handcrafted Log Homes as well as Timber Frame, Hybrid, and Panelized homes whether you are building rustic vacation log cabins, luxury log homes, timber frame or panelized homes with log siding. Our commitment to you is to support you throughout the project.
URL: http://www.cnwloghomes.com
Email: michelle@blackcatcommunications.com
Type: Manufact, Builder, Dealer
Nicolson, OR USA

Colorado Log Cabin Homes Residential and Commercial Wood TJ's Wood Products, Inc offers high quality wood and log materials for both residential and commercial log architecture. Do you have a dream of building a mountain log cabin? We can help make that happen.
URL: http://www.tjswood.com
Email: bogdan@seoprodigy.com
Type: Manufact, Builder, Architect
CO USA 80421
Phone:303.838.5779 * Fax:303.816.9520
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