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Riverbend Timber Framing | Georgia Riverbend specializes in designing and building traditional timber frame structures throughout the United States and beyond. From Atlanta to Savannah and everywhere in between, let us guide you through your timber home project.

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Georgia Log Cabin & Home TipBuying not building?

If you are in the market to buy an existing log home instead of building one, make sure you are getting what you think you’re buying.  ALWAYS order a home inspection from a qualified inspector with log home familiarity.  Discovering problems with settling, rot, insect damage, chinking, etc. is different than what one will find with a stick-built home.

Make sure your inspector has a knowledge of log building, or find one who does.  Also, make sure the utilities are turned on prior to inspection as it will be impossible to perform a thorough inspection of appliances, plumbing and other critical components that rely on electricity to function properly.

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Log cabins have been part of Georgia’s rich history for over 200 years.  In the small town of Cave Spring, outside Rome, GA a two-story log cabin was recently discovered standing in the middle of town. The local hotel was literally built around this cabin and went undiscovered for decades. More about this 200 yr. old log cabin…

Georgia is referred to as the Empire State of the South, and the Peach State State’s Motto is – “Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation”