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Riverbend Timber Framing
Riverbend Timber Framing | Florida Riverbend specializes in designing and building traditional timber frame structures throughout the United States and beyond. Tampa, Jacksonville and Orlando and everywhere in between make Florida a great place for a timber frame home.

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Log cabins have a historical significance in Florida where the Seminole indians that lived in North Florida are known to have constructed log cabin-type homes. Some of these cabins had two stories with their sleeping quarters on the second level.

Many people associate log homes and cabins with mountain states like Colorado or Vermont, but southern states like Florida (and Texas) have huge log building activity and log homes are very popular. You will find that maintenance requirements for log homes in these southern climates are vastly different than what is called for in other parts of the country.

The Florida state motto is the same that we find on U.S. currency, “In God We Trust“.

Florida also boasts a number of log home communities.