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Not on Capitol Hill…

There is a political action group that go by the moniker of  “Log Cabin Republicans”, but their name has nothing to do with the log cabins we talk about on this site.  Plus, you’d have some difficulty finding a log home in the District of Columbia.

Although a few of our early Presidents boast being born and raised in log cabins, with the possible exception of the Smithsonian, there are not any log homes “inside the Beltway” (at least none that the authors could find).  In a place where land is valued by the square inch, and forests no longer cover the hills, log home manufacturing is also not something to be found in our nation’s capitol.

However, the surrounding suburbs of DC offers picturesque (if not expensive) settings for log homes and there are a number of such homes to be found.  In addition, there are dealers and builders in the areas of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.

PrecisionCraft’s Caribou log home pla video…