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Spring cleaning or log home renovation?

Donna P. from Vermont emailed me with a question today that is most likely something that every log home owner is faced with at some point. She asked…

“I am trying to find some information on cleaning the logs and beams inside of a log home?”

Although I am probably not THE most qualified person to offer Donna advice, I immediately began to outline some suggestions… then I realized that I had questions for Donna such as:

  • Are we talking light cleaning or are we talking sand blasting?
  • Is there any fading and sun damage to the logs?
  • Have they been exposed to any roof leakage?
  • etc., etc., etc.

Obviously, the seriousness of the “cleaning” is dependant upon answers to the questions above. Murphy’s Oil Soap works wonders for run of the mill cleaning projects, but if there are other elements that need addressed, we might be talking about anything from sandpaper to stripping products.

So dear readers, I decided to pose Donna’s question to you. If you have experience with different cleaning methods or even renovation tasks, post a comment and help Donna get some answers.

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  • Anonymous

    I am the owner of MENCO Log Home Supplies in MI. The process of cleaning your home is not an easy one depending on what you are trying to do. As stated in the information what are your trying to clean? Normal household dirt, UV fade, mold/mildew, etc…. If it is just dirt than murphys oil would work. If you have mold/mildew than we would suggest a mixture of pool clorine, water, and TSP. If it is UV fade than we would suggest a product called Ultra-Kleen or Ultra-Brite depending on the type of wood. You may even need to do a sanding or cob blasting process. If you would like to talk to someone about this process please give us a call 1/800-972-7693 or visit our web site at

    MENCO Log Home Supplies

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