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Solar Powered Pumping System

Are you in the process of building a log home?

Most of us choose a rural location for our log homes and that means electrical power can sometimes not be as reliable as it is in the more populated areas. As a result, you may be looking for an alternative solution or a back-up system. If this describes your situation, I just received a press release today about a product that you may want to check out.

Solar Powered Pumping System

Franklin Electric has a new product, the SubDrive SolarPAK, a complete, one-box, system solution that provides the pump components needed to build a solar powered water well system. Designed specifically for pumping clean water using a renewable energy supply, SubDrive SolarPAK includes a solar-powered controller, a submersible pump and motor, and a flow switch, in ratings from 5 to 90 gpm. Using a solar PV array as the input power source, SubDrive SolarPAK is ideal for use in applications where traditional grid power is unavailable, unreliable, or undesirable.

Solar Powered Pumping System - SubDrive SolarPAK

System-specific support software available on its solar-dedicated website, The Solar Selector allows users to input simple location information and water requirements to determine which SubDrive SolarPAK fits the application. The Solar Selector also provides recommendations for panel array configuration based on user-entered panel characteristics.

I have not investigated this product, nor am I being compensated in any way, my purpose in sharing this with you is in hopes of offering a solution to a common issue related to log homes or rural cabins. Let me know if you decide to use this or have another solution to share with our readers.  Thanks.

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