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Side Trip – Want to save 70%?

Earlier this month I posted a blurb about “my favorite stores“. I prefer to shop online as I’m not a Galleria-type shopper (comments from my original post about Duluth Trading are at the bottom of this post).

Everyone knows that all retail stores usually have “After Christmas” sales. At the risk of sounding like a shill for one particular retailer, and straying from my usual topics of log homes and log furniture… I thought that many of you might appreciate a good tip. Hey, we all wear clothes, and good quality work clothes and outdoor related items are hard to find.

Anyway, as a customer, I just received an email from Duluth Trading promoting their clearance sale with prices up to 70%+ off retail. I took the time to look around and WOW, some great deals there. Just thought I’d pass this along because I’ve been buying from them for years and have always been pleased with their quality and prices. So, take the tip or not, but if you need any such gear… this is a good opportunity.

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Duluth Trading – although they had been around for years, it was the “bucket organizer” that got Duluth Trading off the ground, and put them on the map. They are also famous for their “Fire Hose workwear” – made of the same rugged canvas that once wrapped fire hoses. This is a great place to shop for outdoor work wear and auto accessories. In addition they carry functional yet stylish apparel and accessories for the “can do” women in your life.

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