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Side Trip from the Log Home Business

What do log home companies have in common with other companies such as Microsoft and Nike, or a local automobile dealer or restaurant?

They are all businesses that have customers! And they all share a need to maintain relationships with their customers and discover new prospects for their products. Hey, isn’t that what every business does?

As the owner of a small business and one who depends on the Internet to attract and communicate with customers, I have been a student of Internet marketing technology for many years. In fact, I’ve been intimately involved with online business since 1993. Most people are surprised to learn that I actually co-founded one of the first ISP’s in the USA and have been occupied with Internet start-ups, online marketing and consulting ever since.

Log Home Love Affair

My lifelong love affair with log homes and timber frame homes became a reality when we moved to NW Montana almost ten years ago and launching the Log Home Directory was a no-brainer. Since then I developed relationships with log home manufacturers, builders, dealers, suppliers and owners of log homes all over the USA, Canada and other countries.

I have also consulted with a number of companies in this great industry of ours and I am particularly familiar with the challenges they face, especially today with this tough economic climate. Last fall I published a book entitled, the “SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide” and the business model I used in my book was that of a log home company.

The book is geared to small businesses that don’t have the time, money or internal resources to launch an SEO project or Social Media strategy; it provides a step-by-step blueprint that is easy to understand and implement. My goal was to help log home companies improve their results in search and learn how to leverage social media to expand their reach and attract more customers.  A couple log home companies have even offered notable reviews of my book, which you can read here.  Although the book uses a log home business as an example, the lessons can be applied to any company.

SEO & Social Media Marketing GuideI am taking this ‘side trip’ today because I want as many people as possible to know that (due to many requests), I have released the book in the Amazon Kindle format. What’s even more exciting is that I have also slashed the price of my book by 75%. My Press Release announcing these developments was published yesterday.

I hope you’ll excuse this shameless self-promotion, but if my book can help any business weather this economic storm by helping them reach more customers, then I want to share this with everyone who might benefit.

If you own a business or know of a friend or family member struggling to keep their business afloat, please tell them about this book; get the whole story at

Essentially, reading and implementing the strategies I recommend in my book is like getting thousands of dollars of consulting time for only $9.97. Please help me share the news on your Facebook account, Tweet about it or send an email to anyone you think could use some help getting traction with the online piece of their business. There’s no risk…I offer a full money back guarantee.

Thanks and my very best regards,

Tom Heatherington, Author

SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide now available on Kindle.

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  • Jennifer W.

    Wow, I was not aware of your background. That was enlightening. Yes, I bought your book and it looks great. Can’t wait to put it to good use. Thanks.


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