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Rustic Decor Sale (part deux)

The next best thing to a free lunch
… is a HUGE sale!
Before I get to the heart of today’s post… I don’t know what its like in your neck of the woods right now, but here in Montana it is -14° below as I type this post. Needless to say, we’re staying close to the woodstove and monitoring our animals. We have a Great Pyrenees pooch that thrives on cold weather and she has to be dragged inside even at these bitter cold temps. I compromised with her and let her sleep in the garage… its probably a balmy 10° – 15° above in there. Although the shop cats have heated beds, when the temps get this cold, I add a portable heater to the mix. They must think they’re staying at a 4 star hotel… all this and free food – what a life!
Well, our animals are the only critters I know of that get a free lunch; unlike the rest of us who have to buy lunch and everything else in our lives. As savvy “lunch buyers”, we’re always on the lookout for a good deal or a sale – anything that lets us get what we want while spending fewer dollars.

In my last post I passed along information from an email I received from’s about their annual after-Christmas sale. ‘Tis that season apparently, because this morning I received an email from another online retailer who is having their annual clearance sale.

Black Forest Decor is also having a HUGE clearance sale. You’ll find everything from antler bookends and cabin bedding to moose themed cocks, kitchenware to wall hangings… they have hundreds of unique items on sale now!

Frequent visitors to our website may recognize that both of these companies are also advertisers of ours. However, I am a customer of theirs… I shop these stores for products that we use in our home. As a customer, I’m on their mailing list and hear about such promotional events before the casual website visitor.

Here’s a tip: If you want to save some serious money, before you start browsing the Black Forest Decor store, click the “Clearance” link (top left) and check out all the goodies. Everything is discounted, but some of these items are almost 50% off. See Black Forest clearance sale here!

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