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Rustic Architecture - the Digital Information Source

Rustic ArchitectureDid you hear about the new digital magazine for log home and timber frame lovers?

PrecisionCraft just released a digital publication titled, “Rustic Architecture“.

It combines informative articles and incredible photos with mountain lifestyle topics, videos, floor plans, and more. You can purchase a single issue or subscribe to every quarterly issue and get it on your iOS or Android tablet, smartphone or your Amazon Kindle.

I think I may have been one of their first subscribers. After I received the email announcement, I signed on immediately. I was so excited about what PrecisionCraft had done that I sent them an email asking some questions I thought my readers might want to know. Here’s a recap of our Q&A exchange.

Specifically, what is the goal of the magazine?

For the average person, the act of building a custom log or timber home can take years, from the first idea, through research, dreaming and finally building it.  During this time we want to continually provide new and interesting content for people who are interested in PrecisionCraft homes.  We already have a comprehensive website that is always being updated, email newsletters and award-winning printed literature. With the launch of Rustic Architecture, we now we have a digital publication for tablet users.  We see this as the next logical step in the evolution of delivering informative content about our log and timber homes.

PrecisionCraft Log Homes & Timber Frame

Who can benefit from subscribing?

While there is lots of great information available on our website, the magazine format is perfect for delivering relevant articles and stories about our homes, in an easy to read bundle.  It is easy for people to download and read at their leisure.  We wanted the magazine to be really fun too, so we worked hard to create interactive content that went beyond static text and images.  Those who subscribe will get to TAP, SWIPE and DRAG all kinds of elements as they read.

Rustic Architecture - the Digital Magazine for Log Home & Timber Frame Lovers

A little about what we will see in future issues?

Future issues will follow the same framework as this first issue.  We will focus on architectural elements, interior design methods, building trends and energy efficiency.  We will also continue to choose a region that is a good fit for mountain style homes and highlight why.  Of course we will also feature three of our homes in each issue –which is a main draw.

Rustic Architecture - a Digital Magazine

Besides the convenience factor, what sets this apart from other similar publications?

When we decided that this was the format that made sense for delivering our content on a tablet, we really looked at how much we could do, from an interactive perspective.  As each new issue comes out we will try to add some new element that can enhance the reader’s understanding and enjoyment of the topic.  Tablets are an exciting new platform to develop content for and we are having a good time figuring out what we will do next.

Get your copy today!

Rustic Architecture - the Digital Magazine for Log Home & Timber Frame Lovers

A single issue is only $2.99, or subscribe for the entire year for only $12.99; make your selection here.

Over the years, one of the many things I have always appreciated about PrecisionCraft was the creative way they treat the decor in their magnificent homes.  This stunning bathroom pedestal sink is just one example of their imaginative creations.

After you download your first issue and have browsed through the magazine, let us know what you think about it. I can’t wait to read what you have to say.

Get your copy of Rustic Architecture here!

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