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Yesterday I received a comment to my post about “Log Tables“. Because this question has been asked before, I thought I’d take a moment and address it as a post vs. a comment response.

Melinda R. asked… “My husband and I absolutely LOVE the end and coffee tables and would like to buy something just like that. You state that you do not sell the pieces you create – will you make an exception, or take a special order? Please? Thank you, great blog, btw.” (email address withheld)

First, thank you Melinda for taking the time to post a comment and for your compliment – I sincerely appreciate that. To answer your question, sorry but no, I do not sell my furniture at this time. My bride’s honey-do list far exceeds anything I can complete in this lifetime, and I just don’t have the time to create items for sale.

However, the purpose of our Log and Rustic Furniture Directory is to help people locate craftsmen and companies that will accept a special order and create exactly what you are looking for. As an example, if you lived in Washington state, the very first company listed on that page is Alpine Heights. I have spoken to the owner in the past and they accept special orders large and small. You’ll find that the vast majority of companies listed in our directory will work with you with such requests. So my advice is to locate your state and visit a number of the companies listed. A quick email or phone call will tell you everything you want to know.

Good luck with your quest and thanks again for contacting us.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m not one to write such letters to editors or companies, but I thought your company deserved a kudo and I just had a nice experience as a result of your recommendation.

    I found your blog while doing a Google on rustic furniture, I was looking to have a table made from the wood of an old chest I inheirited from my grandfather. Taking your advice I looked at the companies in Utah (where I live) and contacted two of them by email.

    I emailed both fellows and ended up talking by phone to both. The upshot of all this is that I’m commissioning one company to make my end table and buying a bookcase and floor lamp from the other fella. It was nice to talk with people who knew what I was looking for and were willing to custom build my project. I’m sure if you’re like most businesses you only hear from people who have a complaint, so I thought I’d make time to tell you about my experience. This is a nice service you have here for such a specialized industry and I can tell you that “some” people like what you offer. Thanks.

    A.M. from Ogden, UT

  • Logman

    Glad we could help. You are right, it is always a special treat to hear from someone that says you’re doing something right. Now if I could just get my wife to realize that…

    Best regards,

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