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Rebuilding the Log Home Directory

Log Home Time Warp?

I opened this year with a Happy New Year post, “2012 Year of the Dragon” and I just noticed that was over two weeks ago. How did I miss the last two weeks? I feel like I’ve been in a time warp… I mean, didn’t I just write that post a couple of days ago?

Quite frankly, I have been in a time warp of sorts since before Thanksgiving. I’ve been having a website overhaul, new facelift, change everything, fix what’s broken butt-kickin’ party.  Frequent readers of this blog will note that things are different here. There is a new look to this blog, a new design and a fresh colors scheme, so something is up. Actually, this blog reflects some of the changes that are being put in place throughout the website. If the programming gods are feeling benevolent, the new website will be unveiled this weekend (I hope).

I think you’re going to like what we’ve been doing. I was lucky enough to find a great programmer and the things he’s been working on are awesome. As an example, company listings in the directory will now include a Google map to their location, links to their Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube, blog and every company will be able to modify their information and manage their listing. So, visitors can learn more about the companies they’re researching and business owners will be able to update their information. How cool is that?

We’ll be adding some really cool new areas to the website. From ‘Luxury Log Homes” (We can dream can’t we?) to a mobile-friendly site with some very cool features.

There are many other changes being made, but you’re going to have to wait for the big roll out (sorry). Now you know what has been occupying my time for the past few weeks and why I felt like I was in a time warp. It’s funny really, this directory was launched seven years ago and when you have to edit seven years worth of pages, that’s a lot of mind-numbing work. My original timetable called for everything to be done for a New Year’s announcement…I missed that one by 17 days now.

I think you’re going to like the NEW Log Home Directory. Make sure you don’t miss any of the big announcements, Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or Google+ and if you’re a log home company, get ready to ‘claim’ your listing.

2 comments to Rebuilding the Log Home Directory

  • Capt. Jack

    Building or rebuilding a website or a home are both the same. You can never guess right on the amount of time or money it will take to make everything happen. Like what I see so far, looking forward to seeing the new design. Good luck, you will probably need it 🙂

  • The new site looks great Tom!

    …and the about those time warp issues, if it wasn’t for time everything would happen all at once. lol

    keep up the good work my friend,


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