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PrecisionCraft has another inspiring idea!

Last June I wrote about PrecisionCraft’s “Inspired Living” idea where they showed how their log home designs come to life. They present the floor plan and design drawings, then the finished product photos along with a unique app that lets you tour many of the rooms in the home.  In addition, they include comments from the buyers, so you get the complete story about a distinctive design.

Never at a loss for great ideas, PrecisionCraft is now offering (for a limited time) an opportunity for customers who are serious about building a log home, the chance to design their home before making a commitment — call it complimentary design consultation. Their plan is to inspire and excite log home enthusiasts and get them to move forward with designing their dream home.

Obviously, not everybody who is kicking around the idea of building a log home someday will be able to participate.  This is a costly and time consuming process, but if you are serious about launching a custom project, this is something you should inquire about. Visit PrecisionCraft’s Complimentary Design Consultation.

Oh and BTW, if you are one of those people who are “kicking around the idea of building a log home someday”, there really hasn’t been a better time in decades than now.

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