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Pilgrims and Log Homes?

The worst part about growing up and leaving childhood behind is losing our innocence; learning the truth about Santa Claus, politicians, Thanksgiving… and log homes. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but it is interesting how we have created so many myths about things we hold dear to our hearts. Take Thanksgiving as an example…

Most of us have that grammar school recollection of the first Thanksgiving where the Pilgrims (after landing on Plymouth rock) invited the local Indians for a dinner of turkey, corn, sweet potatoes and everyone sat outside of their log cabins feasting and talking. What a wonderful mind picture that creates – and we have famous paintings such as this one to support our beliefs.

Do a little research online and your Thanksgiving memory bubble may explode. The Pilgrims probably ate waterfowl instead of turkey – and corn, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie were most likely not on the menu. Who cares? Does it make the fundamental message of this picture any less believable if we know that Pilgrims never lived in log homes? Should we care if historical records establish that log buildings did not become known in America until the late 1700’s, and were practically unheard of in England when the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth rock.

To me, the “how and why” isn’t nearly as important as we’d like to believe. Does it really matter what was on the menu or what the home building methods of the day were? What matters is what Thanksgiving means to each of us today – not 380 years ago. Although historically inaccurate, pictures such as this, and the memories we have about the true meaning of Thanksgiving is what’s important.

This Thanksgiving when I sit sown to dinner with my family I will cherish those flawed memories and beliefs of mine and give thanks for what I know to be true. I will thank God for the blessings he has given me, for my beautiful family and yes… I’ll also thank God for the turkey and sweet potatoes I will eat in my log home’s dining room.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and taking time to appreciate all that we have. I will also give thanks that someone like you took the time to read this and that hopefully your Thanksgiving celebration will be all that you want it to be. Oh and BTW, that part about Plymouth rock isn’t really true either, but it works for me.

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