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Outdoor Firewood Rack – on Wheels!

As I mentioned in my last post, we heat our log home almost exclusively with our woodstove, and as you can imagine we use a lot of firewood.  Moving firewood is like unloading the groceries from the car… there just is no easy way to get the goodies from outside to inside without making a number of trips. 

A DIY Solution… Last year I ‘invented’ a firewood carrier on wheels.  I bought an inexpensive firewood rack made out of metal tubing from a local hardware store.  I mounted the rack on a couple of 2×4 remnants and screwed casters (wheels) to the bottoms.  You can barely see the black tubing in this picture, but you get the idea.  This rack is approximately 4′ H x 4′ wide and holds a nice supply of firewood. 

Our ‘BIG’ stack of firewood (as shown here) is located to the left of the concrete slab in the picture.  With this configuration, I wheel the rack to the end of the porch, load it with wood and wheel it back beside the door for easy access.  This way we always have a couple days worth of wood under cover and readily accessible. 

In upcoming posts I’ll talk about some safety procedures, cleaning the flue and storing wood conveniently inside.  Don’t miss anything – subscribe to my blog!  ~ Thanks

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