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Our Log Home Deck Refinished

The fruits of my labor…

Log home deck refinished

The hardest thing for me to do is to estimate the time it will take me to complete a project.  I’d probably starve if I was in the business of quoting contracting jobs for others.  I figured that refinishing this deck and railings would take me one day to strip and sand, and another day to apply the stain.  I was only off by a few days…

As the picture illustrates, our log home has a large deck, but I swear it gets bigger every time I do this chore.  You’re seeing about half of the deck that runs the length of our home.  We love it, but when it is time to refinish it, I wish it were smaller by about 30 feet.

I know that we saved a truckload of money by doing this myself and the weather cooperated, which made everything come together, but this is not a project one takes lightly.  It is a big job to pressure-wash and sand all that wood and applying stain without dripping it all over the patio below takes care and attention to detail.  Be prepared to spend a lot more time than you would think such a project requires.

If you have ever received a bid from a company to perform such a job, you probably choked at the price, but I can assure you that mid-way through the project I was ready to call for help.  Those companies that specialize in log home renovation or maintenance earn their money.  If you have such a project on your ‘honey do’ list, the best way to get an idea of the costs involved is to get FREE reliable contractor quotes here.

So how did you spend your last four days?

Oh and BTW, if you squint you’ll see a black blob to the left of center… that’s ‘Minnie’, our ferocious shop cat that can eat her weight in prairie dogs every day!

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