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Originality wins every time

Albert Einstein is credited with the statement, “imagination is more important than knowledge.” I think he was on to something…

One of the best parts of managing our rustic directories is visiting all the unique websites and seeing such an array of distinctive furniture and décor items. As one who has been building furniture for almost three decades, I continue to marvel at the creative designs and unique characteristics I discover almost every day.

One of the things I like so much is that log and rustic furniture makers seem to be more imaginative than builders of other furniture styles. They find ingenious uses for items as diverse as deer antlers, horseshoes, tree roots and animal skins to diseased logs and common weeds. In case you didn’t know, the willow plant from which much rustic and bentwood furniture is crafted is considered to be a “weed” by some states.

My point is – do yourself a favor and do some honest browsing. Spend some time crawling through our Antler Furniture Directory and Log Furniture Directory and see if you don’t come to the same conclusion as I do, that log and rustic furniture just can’t be beat!

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  • William

    Just wanted to say thanks, I like your log home site. Was searching for a local dealer or builder with little success then I found your site. Wow, lots of great info. Keep it up. W.M.

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