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On a personal note…

Over the past few years I’ve shared a number of stories about personal events and DIY projects around our log home.  And, long-term readers know we share our home with a herd of cats and a big Great Pyrenees pooch. 

Some of you may also remember that my bride is the Admin. Director or the Northwest Montana Humane Society.  Well, they sponsored a ‘Fashion Show’ last Saturday at the Whitefish Community Center and it was an event that took everyone by surprise. 

 As stunning as the fashion models were, the dogs from the Humane Society stole the show.  As you can imagine, my wife is partial to Great Pyrenees dogs and they happened to have one at the shelter.  Lori decided to take ‘Sammy Bear’ to the show and he stole everyone’s heart.  In fact, even the media fell for Sam’s charms as this photo was featured on the front page of our local newspaper, the Daily Inter Lake.

Photo compliments of the Daily Inter Lake

I took this little side trip today away from our usual topic of log homes, because our pets are so much a part of our lives.  I’m not sure that I know anyone who lives in a log home and doesn’t have a few critters running around.  This is also a good reminder that you can find top quality dogs and cats at your local Humane Society – no kill shelter. 

We have been ‘fostering’ Sam on weekends.  Our Pyr has not objected to the visits, but she hasn’t gone out of her way to welcome Sam to the family.  If someone doesn’t adopt him soon, it is my guess that we might find ourselves with TWO of these polar bear looking pooches.  However, after having his photo on the front page of the newspaper, I think our buddy Sam will be finding a good home any day now.  I’ll be sure and let you know what happens…

In the interim, if you missed reading about our past DIY log home projects, here’s links to the ones that were of the most interest to readers (based on comments).

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  • Tom – your blog is looking sharp! Like the layout! But I love your dog most of all! 🙂 Can’t wait to have a big doggy myself! (Still on the Bernese waiting list and have been checking out bernese rescue organizations.)

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