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My Favorite Christmas Stores

I am not one who enjoys “mall” shopping – I get no pleasure from strolling around some mall and window shopping. I started shopping online about 12-13 years ago and with few exceptions there isn’t a better solution to Christmas shopping; no hassles, no crowds, parking problems – you know the drill.

So, do I have my “favorites”? You better believe it. I have bookmarked stores where I shop for myself and for special gifts for special people. I like these particular stores because they sell the kind of things you won’t find down at the Galleria.

Duluth Trading – although they had been around for years, it was the “bucket organizer” that got Duluth Trading off the ground, and put them on the map. They are also famous for their “Fire Hose workwear” – made of the same rugged canvas that once wrapped fire hoses. This is a great place to shop for outdoor work wear and auto accessories. In addition they carry functional yet stylish apparel and accessories for the “can do” women in your life.

Black Forest – for home decorating with a rustic flair, there is just nothing that compares to Black Forest Home Decor. I could spend my retirement savings in this store and never get everything I wanted. What makes them unique is the quality of products and the huge selection; they seem to have anything you can imagine. As an example, they have the largest selection of rustic lighting I’ve ever seen and you can outfit your complete lodge (or apartments) with the coolest rustic furniture and accessories available anywhere.

The Sportsman’s Guide is one of my favorite “wish list” sites. Over the years I have bought everything from ATV accessories to gloves, clothes and even ammunition. Their website is endless and you’ll find everything from name brands to military surplus. You can also sign up for a snail-mail catalog.

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