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Last winter when the snow was flying and the log yard was quiet, I had the pleasure of spending part of an afternoon with Brad Neu, President of Montana Log Homes.  His company has been handcrafting custom log homes for more than 30 years and in that time he has amassed a huge amount of home building information, floor plans and log home designs.  

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He was deep into the process of redesigning the company website and we chatted about ‘geek stuff’ like online marketing issues, search engine optimization and how he should address such things.  Anyone who ever has attempted to build a sophisticated website knows what a challenge it can be to organize a large amount of information in to a format that is complete, yet easy to navigate.  

Fast forward a few months to when the flowers start to bloom and Brad’s new website is now a reality – and awaiting your visit.  I had the pleasure of being the first person to add a comment to Montana Log Home’s blog.  I used that occasion to compliment him on the blog as to how well everything was organized and what a great presentation they had created. 

Hi Tom,

Thank you for the compliments on our new site. We have committed a huge amount of time and energy into making this site informative and easy to use and it is nice to hear that we have had some success in that department!

My goal when we started was to provide our clients with clear, concise and honest information about our company and log homes in general. We are still working on the site, adding floor plans and photos as we have time and fine tuning operating systems to improve the clarity of some areas.  You are right that there is a huge amount of information available these days and choosing the best and most valuable to pass along on our site was a daunting task.

My designer Eric and I spent countless hours reading everything that we have ever produced and outlining the simplest format to relay all of this condensed information on to our prospective clients. Our site designer, Billy Neimeyer has done an excellent job of  formatting and layout to make the site both attractive and simple to run, I take my hat off to him!

I would also like to thank you for the information that you provided very early on in this process, your knowledge has been invaluable to us as we worked through the construction of this site.


Brad Neu, President
Montana Log Homes, Inc.

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