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Memorial Day 2010

Today we won’t talk about log homes. Today we honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for you and me. Today we give thanks to our fathers, sons, daughters and everyone who has worn the uniform of our country and served in the military.


Although it was many decades ago when I was in high school, I remember it well… Vietnam was ‘our war’ and many of us knew that we might be called upon to participate in that war.  I, along with many of my schoolmates were drafted soon after graduation.  I remember how devastated I was when I returned to learn that a few of my friends would not be coming home.  I honor them today.

You have heard ‘Taps’, a call that is sounded at funerals, wreath-laying and military memorial services. This video is of a very young, extremely talented young lady playing a variation of Taps, called “Il Silenzio”.  It is a moving tribute to America’s fallen heroes.

My father fought in WWII. He spent years in Europe and Africa serving this glorious country of ours. Thank you, dad.

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