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We spend a lot of time talking about log homes, wood, corner styles, building challenges and virtually everything associated with the process of building a log home or log cabin. I will admit that we don’t talk enough about other things that can make our home unique or more enjoyable. With that in mind, I asked my friend Evan Moore to tell us about his company and what they do.  His company, Superior Stoneworks, is a designer and builder of Masonry Heaters, Wood Fired Ovens, Masonry Cookstoves and Outdoor Kitchens.

Superior Stoneworks‘ mission is to create structures that will stand the test of time, respect the environment by using a natural renewable fuel, and to regain quality of life by taking the time to do things properly and to share them with others.

Specializing in construction of masonry heat acclimating masses; we design and build Finnish contraflow masonry heaters, wood fired pizza ovens, masonry cookstoves, and direct and indirect passive solar heating masses. We also enjoy building outdoor masonry fireplaces, kitchens, patio’s and barbeques, along with many types of decorative masonry, tile, and landscaping.

Masonry Heaters

Masonry Heaters are efficient, clean burning heat-storing fireplaces. They produce a gentle long-term radiant heat, from a minimal amount of daily fuel. A heater can be fired once, twice, or even three times daily as necessary. A fire cycle will contain around 20 to 45 pounds of wood depending on burn frequency, and when fired properly will combust at a rate of 80 to 90% efficient.

Masonry heaters can be made with built-in masonry bakeovens, great for entertaining guests with homemade specialties like pizza, casseroles and breads. They can be built with a raised hearth where fire exhaust gases are routed, creating a heating sitting bench great for warming up after a long day of winter fun. They can also be built in conjunction with masonry cookstoves, which along with cooking can act as a heating source on mild days, and likewise a source for heating domestic hot water.

Wood Fired Ovens

Superior Stoneworks constructs Wood Fired Ovens using 100% organic materials from the foothills of the Rhone Valley in France. Wood Fired Ovens or Brick Ovens are exceptional in their ability to render heat by radiation. Brick ovens are typically shaped in a dome form, which creates a uniform reflective surface perfect for baking. Precise sizing of the oven door opening and dome height are crucial to proper respiration during the firing process.

Our ovens are very efficient in that they rapidly store heat, and evenly release it over a long period of time. A brick oven fired in the evening can be ready for baking within 45 minutes, and could hold enough heat to bake bagels the following morning. You can bake breads, crispy pizza crusts, and roasted meats right on the hearth tiles.

Around one hour following firing your brick oven, you can bake cakes and risen dough products like croissants. Aside from the outstanding cuisine wood fired ovens are very fulfilling in that they attract your attention. From their appealing design, color, and wood fired aroma, to watching your pizza’s cook and taking them out at just the right moment, a wood fired oven can be a very satisfying addition to your home or business.

To learn more about Superior Stoneworks and view past project photos please visit us on the web at:, call 515-313-1700 or email at

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