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The science behind log and timber frame homes

If you want to know what makes up a modern log home or timberframe home...
Don’t let ’em buffalo you!

Log homes and timber frame structures are related to stick-built homes in the way buffalos are related to cows. There are many similarities, but they are very different animals.

When a person is considering building a log home, one of the first questions asked is, “Which type of corner do you prefer”? Do you envision Dovetail, Swedish Cope, Saddlenotch or Butt and Pass corners?


Not every log home salesperson does a bang-up job of explaining the technicalities or the strange terms associated with timber homes. They will use words such as ”

scribing, D-log, SIPs and glulam” and a bunch of other bizarre phrases and presume everyone knows what they are talking about.

Helping newbies decipher these odd terms is what our new website,, is all about! The purpose of Loghomeology is not to be a repository of every common phrase used in the construction business. We assume that most people will know the definition of plywood, studs, nails and other fundamentals. We will try to focus primarily on those words and phrases that are associated with our industry.

Having an understanding about what these terms mean and what something looks like will help people make better decisions, and log home companies sell more houses.

So, if you’re in the log home business and know of a term we’ve missed, or can offer a better definition, please send me an email.

If you are someone who is researching your dream home, go to and bookmark the site for future reference. Also, don’t forget to visit our Log Home Directory to find dealers, manufacturers and builders of log & timberframe homes, and all kinds of related information from floorplans to DIY projects.

PS: This is a brand new site and we are adding additional words and definitions almost every day, so if you notice that we’re missing something important, please throw a lintel at me and give me a hint 🙂

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