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With thirty years of experience in designing and manufacturing log homes and log cabins, Southland continues to set the standard in combining the traditional values of log home living with the latest advances in construction and technology. Take a look at our beautiful log homes and our log cabin floor plans!

We offer the best quality and the best features for the best prices in the log home industry. This is what makes Southland Log Homes America's Largest Log Home and Log Cabin Company. -Log home living is about embracing nature and welcoming it into your home. It is about a home built on a foundation of trust, dependability, and quality. At Southland Log Homes, we build upon that same foundation.

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These 10 Log Homes are our most popular Log cabin floorplans. You may choose to build your home exactly like these or the many other plans you can find at
Beaufort Floor Plan Grandlake Floor Plan Rockbridge Floor Plan Super Greenwood II Floor Plan
1729 Sq.Ft.
2050 Sq.Ft.
1722 Sq.Ft.
Super Greenwood II
1779 Sq.Ft.
Coosa Floor Plan Camden Floor Plan Carson Floor Plan Greenwood I Floor Plan
2128 Sq.Ft.
2291 Sq.Ft.
1124 Sq.Ft.
Greenwood I
1428 Sq.Ft.
Crestview Floor Plan Lawrenceburg Floor Plan
2599 Sq.Ft.
2933 Sq.Ft.

Building a home The Total Solution

Building a home, any home, can be overwhelming. Here at Southland Log Homes, we make the process of building your own home as simple and enjoyable as possible. We offer a wide variety of services that will guide you from choosing your home design, to the construction and mortgage processes and beyond. Its called The Southland Log Homes Total Solution. We work to make sure building your dream home is one of the most satisfying and exciting experiences of your life.

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Free Log Cabin planning Guide
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Browse our other most popular floor plan

  1. Beaufort - 1729 Sq.Ft.
  2. Grandlake - 2050 Sq.Ft.
  3. Rockbridge - 1722 Sq.Ft.
  4. Super Greenwood II - 1779 Sq.Ft.
  5. Coosa - 2128 Sq.Ft.
  6. Camden - 2291 Sq.Ft.
  7. Carson - 1124 Sq.Ft.
  8. Greenwood I - 1428 Sq.Ft.
  9. Crestview - 2599 Sq.Ft.
  10. Lawrenceburg - 2933 Sq.Ft.

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