Mountain Creations Log Homes is a family operated
supplier of premiere quality cedar log home
packages. Family is important at MCLH and having
the perfect cedar log home at the perfect price for
your family is our primary objective. Take a moment to browse our most popular plans. If you are looking for a cabin nestled in the woods, a cedar log home estate, or anything in between, you have come to the right place. Mountain Creations offers dream log homes, log cabins, and timber frame/log home hybrids to fit all of your needs with custom design available.


Here are 10 of our most popular log home plans. Please enjoy browsing through our plans. Mountain Creations is pleased to offer free custom design to our clients. We can design your dream home from one of our plans, from your original design, or from a plan you have found while surfing the Internet. We want you to have the cedar log home of your dreams.


By joining the Mountain Creations Log Home Academy, you will have instant access to our complete online plan book with over 40 log home plans. In addition, Academy members can listen to online log home podcasts, view our log home photo gallery, and get answers to all of your questions about building and buying your dream cedar log home. As a member of the Log Home Academy, you will receive our monthly enewsletter which includes member’s only log home specials and tips and tricks for log home designing. Don’t delay, join the Mountain Creations Log Home Academy today.

The Original Green Building Solution™

Mountain Creations uses Energy-Efficient Northern
White Cedar, which lasts over 100 years and helps to lower the impact on the environment.
We can assist you with incorporating various green building aspects into your cedar log home. Green building begins with proper planning and design. The Mountain Creations design team will work with you based on your unique requirements.

1,678 Square Feet
Diamond Lake
1,752 Square Feet
1,960 Square Feet
2,184 Square Feet
Artisan Lodge
2,184 Square Feet
Aspen Ridge
2,264 Square Feet
Wolfe Run
2,758 Square Feet
3,060 Square Feet
Treasure Lake
3,344 Square Feet
Fox Chase
7,158 Square Feet

Don’t “Settle” For Pine When You Can Build With Cedar For Less

Mountain Creations Log Homes has chosen only Northern White Cedar (NWC) as the primary wood of our log home packages because of its many aesthetic and molecular advantages. The USDA Forestry Division ranks it as one of the three best woods to use in exterior building. NWC has the lowest shrinkage factor, lowest moisture content, and requires very little maintenance. NWC is one of the most versatile woods available. We offer a truly complete cedar log home package with NWC included in our standard package for our log wall system, second floor and roof decking, and most important...cedar tongue and groove is a standard component to cover ALL of your interior partition walls. This makes our log home packages a complete CEDAR log home.

View For Yourself What Mountain Creations Log Homes Has To Offer

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Browse Our Most Popular Log Home Plans

1. Shenango 1,678 Square Feet
2. Diamond Lake 1,752 Square Feet
3. Marylander 1,960 Square Feet
4. Punxsutawney 2,184 Square Feet
5. Artisan Lodge 2,184 Square Feet
6. Aspen Ridge 2,264 Square Feet
7. Wolfe Run 2,758 Square Feet
8. Montpelier 3,060 Square Feet
9. Treasure Lake 3,344 Square Feet
10. Fox Chase 7,158 Square Feet
Mountain Creations Log Homes

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