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Frankly, I’m a little surprised about how much interest I’m receiving in the DIY area. My stats indicate that most of the traffic to our Rustic Directories is from people who are shopping for log or rustic furniture and log home related information. What’s funny is that the majority of questions and comments I’m receiving of late are from people interested in do it yourself (DIY) projects.

Maybe that shouldn’t surprise me… people who are shopping, browse our directories, find what they are searching for and take action; while those who are DIYourselfers are looking for ideas and different information. No need for a scientific study on this, it just proves once again that what you “think” is not always what “it is”.

Yesterday, I promised to upload my latest DIY project and true to my word, it can be found below. This was a fun project requiring few tools and materials, but the final result would make any rustic decorator happy.

For all you DIYourselfers and garage craftsman, keep those fingers away from the sharp sides and remember to measure twice! Thanks again for your comments, I appreciate all feedback.

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  • Melinda R.

    My husband and I absolutely LOVE the end and coffee tables and would like to buy something just like that. You state that you do not sell the pieces you create – will you make an exception, or take a special order? Please? Thank you, great blog, btw.

    (email address witheld)

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