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Log Splitters for Firewood

How do you split your firewood?

Readers of this blog might recall that we heat our log home with a wood stove. Over the years we’ve published numerous posts talking about all things related to using firewood to heat a home. A couple examples include:

Heat from a woodstove is unlike any other; it feels different, smells great and just having a visible fire to look at all day warms the soul and the body. Suffice it to say that our family loves our woodstove heat. The only possible downside to this form of heat is the firewood. Where do you get it? Do you cut it yourself? Do you have it delivered?

In my case, living here in northwest Montana, firewood from standing dead trees is plentiful. If one does not have access to wooded property, a permit from the Forest Service can be obtained where you can cut wood cut for only $20 per cord. So, the source of free or low-cost wood is endless if you want to do the work yourself.

Dropping a tree and buzzing it up into lengths that will accommodate your stove or fireplace is relatively easy work. The hardest part of this annual ritual is splitting the wood. For the past ten years, I split all my wood by hand using a maul and a wedge when needed. I bragged (to anyone who might ask) that it was great exercise. However, I must admit that every year it was more challenging to begin this routine after a winter of inactivity. Last spring I decided to buy a log splitter.

Which log splitter is best for you?

I began my search online reading about various models and manufacturers, but I believed that I would buy a gas-powered log splitter. It just seemed that it made the most sense until I reasoned it through. I realized that I most likely would not be towing my log splitter into the woods. I usually cut my wood into rounds and bring them home to dump them on the side of the house where I stack my wood. I split my rounds there and then stack them nearby. I decided that an electric log splitter would be the best choice.

Electric Log Splitters

The only advantage to a gas log splitter was that it could function where there was no electricity, but that meant the log splitter would cost 2-3 times what a comparable electric splitter costs. The choice for me was easy, I chose an electric log splitter and I have been thrilled with my decision.

I used this electric log splitter to split about 6 cords of firewood this past summer. I did not encounter one issue with my splitter; it easily split rounds that were 12” in diameter. It made short work of what typically was a project that stretched over a few months. In less than a week, I split everything I needed for an entire winter working evenings and weekends.

If a mechanical log splitter is in your future, I highly recommend that you check out the WoodEze Electric Log Splitters. Trust me, I did the research and based on what I discovered, this provided the greatest value. After using it to split my yearly requirement of firewood, I am now a true believer.

Electric Log Splitter for Homeowners

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