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Log Siding Question

A reader asked a great question that will be of interest to many of you. Log siding is often used on solid log homes in areas like dormers or second stories; we have log siding on our home and our entire detached garage is covered in log siding to match the house.
Debbie asked…

“I have a piece of log on my log cabin (pine) that needs to be replaced before I paint it. It dry rotted and is about 4-6 feet and is half way thru the log. So I need a piece to place over it… Any help?”

Deb, since you’re reading this online, I would recommend that you check these links first to see if a company is listed in your geographic area. See the “Log Siding” listings in the Building Resources area of our Log Home Directory and the “Major Manufacturers” section. Most manufacturers large and small operate their own mill facilities and can supply such siding. You will need to measure the width of your boards before you call anyone. Standard widths are 6″ and 8″, so make sure you don’t have a custom size.
Also, if you live in a rural area that has a sawmill or millwork facility nearby, give them a call. Odds are, even if they do not produce such products, they can steer you in the right direction.
Good luck with your project and thanks for checking with us about your log home maintenance question. Hope this helps.

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