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Log Home + Woodstove = Happiness

First fire in the woodstove

In my last post I talked about getting ready for winter, and one of those annual log home chores is bringing in enough firewood to last through spring. Well, my bride is now happy that I can remove that project from my ‘honey-do’ list.  The weather (and other commitments) cooperated so that I was able to buzz-up about 5 cords of standing dead wood, which should see us through the cold weather.

As luck would have it, the nights had turned much colder last week and today we awoke today to a brisk 22 degrees.  So, we fired up the stove and had the first fire of the season today.  This photo shows the first fire and our firewood rack stocked full.

Woodstove and custom firewood rack

Firewood Rack

If you are new to this blog, you are probably not familiar with the custom firewood rack pictured above. I built this a few years ago to solve my problem of keeping an ample supply of firewood close to the woodstove.  This was a featured DIY project.

I wanted to have enough firewood to feed the stove for days, but I didn’t just want a big pile of wood stacked on the floor. As I thought this through, I decided to build a functional piece of rustic looking furniture that would act as a firewood holder, plus have a drawer to store matches and fire starters.  By the time I was done, I had added hidden casters for easy loading, and built the ‘rack’ from wrought iron supports. I used a big slab of Ponderosa pine for the top counter to finish it off.  The drawer handle was cut from an antler shed I found in the woods near our log home.

Indoor rustic firewood rack

Firewood Rack Plans

I dubbed this the “Ultimate Indoor Firewood Rack” and if you like my idea and would like to build it yourself, you can read all about how I made it and download my plans for free.  The cost of materials is less than you’d expect and if you have the tools you can put this together in a weekend. It’s funny, since I first talked about this (about 5 years ago), I have someone email me every year asking if I sell these racks.  Sorry to report that I do not, but maybe someday…

3 comments to Log Home + Woodstove = Happiness

  • Tricia

    Yes, that would have been my question, if you sell them. Maybe time to branch out! I noticed that not all of your wood is split. Apparently that’s not a problem for your wood stove?

    • Tom

      Hi Tricia,
      Fortunately, my stove can handle some good sized logs due to the size of the firebox. Typically I split anything that is 6-7″ or larger. Even though the stove might take a larger diameter, just handling such a log can be a challenge when the fire is blazing. Nothing like pushing a round chunk of wood into the stove and have it come rolling back out again 🙂

  • This looks awesome, amazing craftsmanship! A soapstone stove from Hearthstone would look very nice in this setting! =)

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