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Log Homes Were Made for Snow

Montana winters are always unpredictable. A few years ago we didn’t receive any snow until Christmas day and other years we’ve had action as early as September.  This year winter arrived with a vengeance.  It has been snowing for two weeks and last week we had 4-5 days of sub-zero temps (-12 one day).

Fortunately, most of our snow has been light – 1-3″ per day, but there has been enough of it to require plowing the drive almost every day.  After sub-zero weather last week we jumped all the way up to 30 today, and that is feeling downright balmy.

That’s our boy Charlie, he’s an older fella at fifteen years old, but he is worth his weight in gold.  He lives in the garage/shop behind him where he has his own heated ‘cat house’, heated water bowl and self-feeder. When you live in a rural area you can be sure that mice and other rodents want to share your log home with you.  Since Charlie has been around (we rescued him) you can’t find a mouse, squirrel or prairie dog within 10 acres.

Just like everyone else, we complain about the weather, but we wouldn’t swap our Montana seasons for anything. Sure, plowing snow gets a bit wearisome come April, but mostly it’s just talk.  There really isn’t anything that can compare to living in a log home in the winter.  We keep the woodstove cookin’ 24/7 and the view outside our windows is something from a travel magazine.

If you live in a log home, you know that special feeling. If you are someone who is planning to build a log home or log cabin it is thoughts like these that keep you motivated. Maybe you’ve been putting it off because of this crappy economy that Washington created for us or maybe you just haven’t found the right floor plan or log home manufacturer yet.  Whatever the reason, now is a good time to click those links above and get ready to break ground this spring.  Let me know if I can help!

PS:  Actually, there isn’t anything that can compare to living in a log home in spring, summer or fall either 🙂

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