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I have been online since the late 80’s, yet I still marvel at what a remarkable resource this is that Al Gore invented for us common folk.  Over the years the Internet has evolved and trends have burst on the scene and then fizzled out, but the one thing the Net has always been famous for now carries the label, ‘social networking’.

One of the best examples of this is a relationship I developed with a ‘former’ log home builder named Mitchell Dillman. Our paths crossed online a few years ago; we swapped a few emails and today we Skype each other and chat about the log home business and more specifically, log and rustic furniture. When the log home business started to contract a few years ago, Mitchell turned his attention to his passion, building log furniture.

His is such an interesting story; I asked Mitchell if he would be willing to write a guest post to share on this blog. He agreed and we have included a couple videos and photos that show the talent and creativity he brings to his products. So, rather than waste more electrons introducing this gifted fellow, I’ll let Mitchell tell his story.

Log Homes to Log Furniture

Have you ever looked at a fresh cut log, a piece of driftwood, or even an old twisted tree limb and envisioned a brand new dining table, a rustic yet comfortable place to sit, or maybe just a new, one-of-a-kind walking stick?

If so, you and I are much alike.

If you share my genuine love for the great outdoors and for all things rustic and natural, you understand without any question what I mean when I say, “Listen to the logs!”

Hello, my name is Mitchell Dillman. I’m the creative energy, designer, head furniture maker, and main marketing guy at Colorado Rock-n-Logs, Inc and at its affiliated online marketing venture  We are currently one of the fastest growing how-to and do-it-yourself log furniture websites Online today.

As a professional carpenter living in Colorado, much of my life has been spent on top of, around, or working with all kinds of logs. You can safely bet that I for one certainly know what it means to ‘listen to the logs’.

My admiration for log homes, log furniture and all things rustic started early.

You see, my folks had a little cabin on a spectacular piece of mountain property nestled along side of America’s Mountain. That’s Pikes Peak if you did not know. It is located just west of Colorado Springs, along the front range of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, right here in colorful Colorado.

While growing up, my parents would take us kids up to that little cabin every chance they got. We would spend every Summer and Christmas vacation, Spring Breaks and even weekends at that cabin in the woods. Going there was almost like stepping back in time. We would bask in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and live like it was the late 1800’s.  Although that little cabin is now long gone, my memories of the ‘rustic’ lifestyle we lived there will stay with me forever.

I’ve spent my life working outdoors. My first job was with the United States Forest Service. I was still in High School. I got paid to clean campgrounds, mend fences and trails throughout the Pike National Forest. After working my way through college as a framing carpenter, I decided I’d give something new a try, so I got into sales. ‘Outside sales’. It didn’t take long for me to realize how much I missed working with my hands and tools, creating something from nothing, making something folks could enjoy for a lifetime.

You see, for as long as I can remember, in addition to my love for the outdoors, I’ve always had this fascination with tools. Even as a little boy I was always getting into my dad’s toolbox. By the way I was drawn to them, you would think those tools had some sort of magical powers. While other kids played ball on the corner lot, there I was ‘playing’ in my Dad’s workshop. You wouldn’t be too far off to say the workbench and that toolbox were my first real ‘toys’.

Article continued here, see “Those ‘toys’ became my life“…

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