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Log Homes, June Brides and Other Musings…

June is a very important month of the year. For most parts of the country summer is in full swing, but here in Montana we haven’t really seen any summer weather yet.  As I write this it is 50 degrees and raining and the week ahead forecast doesn’t look any more exciting.

Getting back to why June is important, we celebrate Flag Day on June 14th, Father’s Day is June 19th. and June 21st is the Summer Solstice. I’d be willing to wager that you didn’t know that June is also “Turkey Lovers Month”, “National Outdoor Month”, “National Smile Month” or “Student Safety Month”…I certainly wasn’t aware of these momentous events.

I have a suggestion for parents of future brides who are also considering building a log home…it is time for a family meeting. That $28,385 statistic I quoted above needs to be addressed. I can envision such a meeting going something like this…

Girls, someday you’ll find your “Mister Right” and you’ll want to get married. I just learned that financing that special day could cost your mother and me almost thirty thousand dollars. You know that your wonderful mother and I are planning to build a log cabin by the lake, but spending that much on a one-day event (that you’ll probably be too nervous to remember) could put a crimp in our plans.

I have a better idea.  Let’s make it a family project to build that dream home of ours and use it as the backdrop for your wedding, which we’ll agree to make a modest affair and celebrate family, the great outdoors and “National Smile Month”. You’ll get the wedding (that you won’t remember anyhow), and our family will get to create that legacy that could serve as a gathering spot for generations to come.  All in favor say aye, all opposed keep silent! Great meeting kids.

Planning a log home wedding?

Good luck with your family meeting.  Once the dust settles you might want to click on over to see 100 of the most popular log home floor plans and start planning your log home and provisional wedding chapel.

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