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Log Homes – From Russia With Love

Log Home NetworkYou may be aware that I manage a LinkedIn Group, the Log Home Network and we have more than 300 members. One of the newest members is a fellow named Oleg Alpatkin who works for a Russian company whose name I can neither read nor pronounce.  Thanks to the Google Translate option, the page heading says “EXCLUSIVE frames of Siberian Cedar”.

Talk about thermal mass…

The company specializes in building log homes from Siberian Cedar.  Theirs are not ‘typical’ log homes as they use nothing but BIG logs; logs over 42 cm.  If you click the photo below you can visit their website and see some incredible photos of their handiwork.

Log Homes in Siberia


This is a great example of building handcrafted log homes, and many manufacturers in the USA and Canada offer such craftsmanship. The challenge on this side of the pond is using logs of this size. Not only are they more scarce than most logs used in handcrafted homes, but they can be exorbitantly expensive.

The majority of new log homes today are built from milled logs. Those are logs that have been machined to certain specifications. I would venture a guess that most log home buyers would prefer a handcrafted home (I know I would), but the cost for that added beauty and craftsmanship can be substantially more than a milled log home.

What’s your thoughts? Do you like the look of BIG logs or do you prefer diameters under 2 feet?  If money wasn’t an issue, would you choose a handcrafted or milled log home?

5 comments to Log Homes – From Russia With Love

  • Brent kramer

    Ive bin building handcrafted homes for 23 years ,and i believe a true log home is one built with hand peeled hand scribed an hand cut logs ,the big wood is good..great r value and if built and maintained properly will last forever.

  • The company name is “Tayozhnyi Dom” – or “Taiga House”, in English. We use Siberian Cedar logs up to 90 cm and more. Russia is a rather cold country )

  • Scott

    LOVE those big logs. Now that is what a log cabin should look like!

  • The turn key cost of a milled log home runs $110 – $160 per square foot, east on the Mississippi. During this bad economy it is difficult enougn sellin a milled log home at those prices. What is the price range for a handcrafted log home? I hear well over $200 per square foot.

  • Hello! My name is Frédéric Fournel, I make totem carving, ornaments for log homes and custom sculpture. I invite you on my Facebook page to see photos of my work and see other artists, craftsmen and builders.
    totekbiz (facebook)

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