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Do you have a log home for sale?

99% of the information published in these 600+ pages is about building or maintaining a log home. However, over the years I’ve been contacted by many people asking about log homes for sale and whether we list such properties.

Announcing “Log Homes For Sale”

This is a brand new area of the website that I think in time will become a big draw for people looking to buy a log home or log cabin. As you know, when you are in the “dreaming stage” of planning your log home, you don’t always know whether to build or buy. Many of us start off searching for an available home for sale – some buy and some decide to build to their custom specifications.

Looking at log homes for sale also offers ideas and inspiration for those wanting to build from scratch. When we moved to Montana ten years ago, we bought the home of our dreams as some nice family had already built it for us. If you are looking to buy an existing log home or cabin, you now have another place to look. Check out the new section of our website called, “Log Homes For Sale“.

Search geographically

As I mentioned, this is a new area of the website so our listings are quite sparse at the moment, but look for this to grow quickly. When you follow the link you will see a page that permits you to search by state or Canadian province. To see all listings, select it from the drop-down menu.

Log Homes For Sale & Log Cabins for sale

List your log home or cabin for sale

Click to sell your log home or cabin

If you or someone you know has a log home or cabin for sale, I invite you to list it here. You can list your log home, cabin or timber frame property for sale in the world’s largest log home directory!

Unlike most other listing resources, we charge ONLY $10 for 6 months and you can cancel your listing at any time! As an added convenience, if your home hasn’t sold in 6 months, we will automatically extend your listing for an additional 6 months.

Go here to list your log home or log cabin for sale. (NOTE: Scroll down under the “Search Listings” and follow the steps.

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