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Log Homes and the American Buffalo

What’s more American than Log Homes and buffalo? I mean really, how many of us haven’t created a mind picture of a log home or cabin overlooking a valley with deer and buffalo roaming the landscape? Wood smoke billowing from the chimney, the smell of pine and the feeling of being part of nature… isn’t that part of the log home mystique?

In most parts of the country, the only buffalo to be seen are in zoos.  In other areas the buffalo still roam free or are protected on private ranches and national parks.  According to Wikipedia, “there are approximately 500,000 bison in captive commercial populations (mostly plains bison) on about 4,000 privately owned ranches.”

One such ranch is down the road from our log home and as I was driving by yesterday, a large number of those magnificent creatures were assembling by the road, which is not something they typically do; they usually keep away from the noisy road.  Fortunately, I had my handy ‘Flip Cam’ with me and filmed a short video while I passed by.

A Log Home Company Doing Good Things

The Original Log Cabin Homes Ltd. Located in North Carolina adopted the American buffalo as the company’s living symbol. They purchased a small herd of American buffalo that has grown to over 100 head.  The company established a “Certified Wildlife Habitat” breeding facility to perpetuate the species and preserve this great American icon.

Okay, I don’t know if your dreams of building a log home include buffalo or antelope roaming nearby, but you must admit the idea has merit.  Kudos to The Original Log Cabin Homes Ltd. for taking an initiative to help preserve one of America’s original, wild and endangered animals.  Also, you can see this company’s 10 most popular log home floor plans here.

If you want to get started building the home of your dreams, the best way is to research log home manufacturers, builders and log home floor plans on the Log Home Directory.  Or, try searching for Log Homes For Sale here.

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