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Log Home Winter Wonderland

Winter of 2011 has been one for the record books for some parts of the USA, but here in Montana we’re having a rather normal season.  In fact, it has been a little unseasonal this past month.  Two weeks ago our temps crept up to the mid 30’s and we had a week of rain.  Rain in Montana in winter?  Gimme a break.

Nothing is worse than an early thawing spell where the snow starts to melt and then instantly flash-freezes when the sun goes down. We received so much rain that the two+ feet of snow we had on the ground almost disappeared.  You can see there isn’t that much snow on the roof of our log home in this video.  Since then, temps have returned to normal and we’ve been getting a few inches of snow most days.

So how’s your winter?  Our friends in the northeast have had an unusual about of snow and family in Texas and Florida saw some snow this year. The one day it was snowing in Dallas, we were experiencing a balmy 38 degrees…there’s something wrong with that scenario.  Do you think Al Gore was right?  Naw, me neither.

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  • Ron Williamson

    Looks beautiful in Montana. My family and I lived in Great Falls in the early 70’s. I was stationed at Malmstrom AFB then. We loved the mountains etc. Looking to one day move back to the mountains. Probably Tennessee or North Georgia. Montana is beautiful, but a little too cold for us. Looks like you have a great log home from the looks of your video. 30 degrees isn’t too bad. We are living in Florida at the present. Been here since 1978. Love the sun, but also love the mountains. One day….. Keep a log on the fire and stay warm. Ron W.

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