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Log Home – To Build or Not to Build

That is the question…

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the ups and downs of an outrageous stock market, or to follow our plan in the face of those troubles, and by opposing, build the home of our dreams?

I doubt that Shakespeare himself could craft such a tale as we have unfolding before us. The greatest country in the history of the planet is helplessly watching as our financial markets implode due to incompetent leaders making decisions with their only goal – to secure their reelection. 14% of the American people approve of this ludicrous Congress.

Uncle Sam Printing Money

But nay say I, this is not to be a political rant; my purpose is to add some perspective. My intention is to encourage those of you who have been nurturing a dream to build your log home – do it now. On what do I base my counsel when it seems like civilization itself is in peril?

Hey, can you think of a better place to be while we ride out this storm than being tucked away in your comfortable log cabin in the woods? Worst case scenario…if the world as we know it was to disappear, would you like to be riding it out in crowded suburbia or tending your acreage out of harm’s way in rural America?

Do I think this is the end of the world as we know it?  No.

Do I think the lack of direction and leadership in Washington is going to cause a painful and protracted financial recovery?  Yes.

Do I think that building a new log home in this financial mess is an idea that has merit?  Most certainly I do.

Why? Money is still cheap, but it will not remain that way for long and banks are still making loans. Scores of log home companies have suffered the fate of other businesses in this dreadful economy and closed their doors. Those companies that remain are the survivors and the ones you want to create the home of your dreams.

Log home builders need the work and will sell their services at rates not seen in decades. The quality of craftsmanship is virtually guaranteed as those that were sub-par have already folded their tents.

In essence, right now we have cheap money and the best manufacturers and finest builders are hungry to please you.  If you wait, you can be assured that the cost to borrow is going to skyrocket, the prices of building materials will inflate with the dollar’s devaluation and the bargains available for land haven’t been seen in our lifetime.

My advice is to lock it in now. Commit the banks, the manufacturers and your builder with legal contracts and move forward with your dream. I am not a psychic, but I can’t imagine those clowns in Washington doing anything soon that will right this ship. If we are about to enter a phase of inflation, stagflation or worldwide depression, from where would you like to watch these events unfold?  Me?  I’ll be outside cutting firewood getting ready for a long winter.

Oh and my advice for the 2012 election? Forget that you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent and vote every one of those people out of office.  Let’s regain control of our destiny by telling those clowns they work for us and we don’t give a damn about their reelection. Get your log home project rolling – get started here, find a log home floor plan that is right for you.

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