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Summertime Log Home Projects

Do you like to create things for your log home?

Log RailingI would bet that the vast majority of log homes have log railings on the porch and stairs.  It is hard to beat the look and functionality of these accents. Additionally, many of us DIY types like to create furniture and other decorative items for use around the house.  This photo shows a log gate I built to keep our pooch on the deck and out of trouble. (see original project article)

To build such things you must have the right tools.  A mortise is easy enough to create just by having the right size drill bit. However, when cutting tenons and especially shoulder tenons, having the right tool can save hours of work and the finished product looks so much better.

You can cut a tenon using numerous techniques. From using a drawknife to shape the tenon by eye or rotating your post over a table saw blade removing wood slowly.  Such methods work, but neither will produce the look and finish of a tenon cutter attached to an electric drill.

I happen to own a few tenon cutters of various cutting diameters and from different manufacturers.  The prices for these tools increase substantially as the cutting diameter increases.  If your project requires a lot of cutting as in the case of building a railing, I recommend the Lumber Jack Tools Industrial Series of tenon cutters.  As the name implies, these are industrial-rated and will stand up to cutting scores of posts before requiring maintenance to re-sharpen or adjust the cutting blade.

Tenon Cutters for DIY Projects

More about tenon cuttersFor smaller jobs, I highly recommend the Veritas tenon cutters. These are excellent tools and available in most any cutting diameter you will need.  Of the two manufacturers, I prefer the Lumber Jack Tenon cutters as that just do the job right and will last for decades.

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