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Log Home Surprise & 4th. of July Wishes

Injured Marine gets new log home

Monday’s “John Boy and Billy Show”, a radio show in Charlotte, NC, was extra special as they presented a retired Marine with a five-bedroom log home to be built in Jacksonville through a charitable program, Operation Finally Home.  Vincent Gizzarelli, left the Marine Corps in 2009 on medical retirement. This video tells the whole story…

Partnering to build homes for injured service men and women are Bay Area Builders Association Support Our Troops/Operation FINALLY HOME, Log Homes of America, Inc, Marlo Construction, and NAHB Building Systems Council.

Regardless of which side of the war debate your opinion falls, the troops who carry out our nation’s directives and put themselves in harm’s way deserve more than they receive from the Federal government.  There are many non-profit institutions that make it their business to do just that – give recognition and assistance to our veterans.

Happy 4th. of July America

We celebrate the founding of this great country on July 4th., to honor our Declaration of Independence from England in 1776. Many people are not aware that the two men most credited with drafting the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, both died on on July 4th. on the fiftieth anniversary of their creation. That’s one of those little-known facts that gives you goosebumps.

As Americans, we tend to wrap many of our patriotic ideas together like honoring our veterans on July 4th while we celebrate our country’s birthday and I believe that is most appropriate. Sharing the story of Sargent Vincent Gizzarelli above just seems like a fitting tribute to all the men and women who in every way helped to shape and defend America since that first birthday of ours in 1776.

Saying thank you to our veterans is something we cannot do enough. I personally don’t know the good people of Log Homes of America, Inc, but I honor their generosity in helping this Marine and his family.

Happy Birthday America and
best of luck to the Gizzarelli family!

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