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Log Home Stains – Follow-up

Sashco, Inc.Sometimes it is easy to forget that our conversations are being read by people all over the globe. Ours is a relatively small community, and we often recognize the names of frequent posters, but when a new voice is heard, especially from a major manufacturer, I get reminded of the power and reach of this medium. How do I actually forget this…?

Anyway, in yesterday’s article I responded to another reader who asked the question, “Log Home Stains – Which is Best“? At the end of the post, I extended an open invitation to stain manufacturers to help us understand this issue. Today we received an answer from Charis at Sashco, Inc. Sashco is a popular manufacturer of Log Home maintenance and restoration products and sealants.

Charis also took the time to offer some suggestions to help add some longevity to whatever stain you choose to use. This comment is worth the read, and I would like to thank Sashco for being such a responsive member of the log home community. Read the Sashco’s comments about Log Home Stains here…

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