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Have you been to a log home show in ’08 yet? We are officially in the ‘season’ and this month alone there are log & timber shows happening in Maine, Florida, Indiana, Illinois and Oregon. Next month, April will see 8 different shows taking place from Alberta Canada to New Jersey and cities in between.

Spring and Fall are when most of the annual log home shows are held, so if you miss these upcoming 12 shows, you’ll be waiting until September for the next big expo.

Visit our website for the details on Log Home & Timber Frame Shows, we have the entire schedule posted for 2008. As ’09 shows are announced, we’ll post the info so that you can make plans to attend.

Side trip…

You’ve probably noticed that not everybody shares our appreciation of log and timber homes. I don’t remember who sent me this picture, but it does emphasize the fact that we all have different ideas of what home should look like.

A few days ago I was talking with a friend who does not live in a log home and worse yet, he doesn’t see the attraction it holds for so many of us. He asked me, “What’s so special about a house that looks like Abe Lincoln built it?”

I wasn’t trying to make a convert, and I appreciate that people have different tastes, but I had to explain to my friend what separates “log home living” from . . . . everything else. Our conversation stayed with me so I decided to write a short article on the subject of “Why a log home“.

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