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Log Home Security (revisited)

Anonymous wrote…

I read your article on log home automation (see original posting), and I enjoyed your perspective. However, in the article you mentioned a company called X10. Isn’t that the same company that used to spam the world with their ads? Just wondering.

You my friend, have a great memory. Back in the early days of Internet marketing, there was a company called X-10 who literally pioneered the use of browser “pop-ups” and annoying marketing gimmicks. Heaven help you if your email address ended up on their list.

Back then (mid 90’s), everyone who had a website was trying to figure out what worked online and what was the best way to advertise and attract customers. Actually, I believe we’re still trying to figure that one out. That was also about the same time that spam began to appear as more than an occasional email. Spam has since become the biggest hog of bandwidth and possibly the number one annoyance of every user, but X10 cleaned up their act and started to play by the rules.

X-10 survived the bad press of their early marketing stratagem and more importantly, continue to flourish after the dot-com meltdown that eliminated so many other copycat start-ups. The company today does not resemble their former self, and fortunately neither does their marketing. Higher quality products, targeted advertising and extremely competitive pricing have morphed X-10 into one of the leaders of low-cost security and wireless products.

If home security is something you are interested in for your log home – or Cape Cod bungalow, here’s an interesting overview of what is available today. See Home Security 101.

PS: I am currently working on a follow-up article about this very subject and when ready, will be posted here and entitled… Log Home Security Revisited.

2 comments to Log Home Security (revisited)

  • Jason

    Here’s an interesting solution for home security – It integrates with existing, installed alarm systems and allows users to remotely control and monitor the alarm system via the Internet (using computers, cell phones, PDA’s, etc. It also adds three redundant communication paths back to the monitoring center over broadband, cellular and phone lines.

  • Jarkko

    I have been looking for a system to be used at my vacation log cabin. It is still a work in progress and I have only finished the lakeside sauna.

    I was thinking to choose which is a Finnish product. Looks a lot like this Ucontrol.

    Smart phone connectivity is very important to me. Enables me to check up on the heating, turn sauna on, follow security and all this from my car or any other place with network coverage.

    I am not going to buy it yet though. First I have to erect the actual cabin.

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