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The debate about the maintenance required of a log home vs. other home styles will rage on like any other important debate such as Chevy vs. Ford. As long as we all have opinions, there will always be disagreements.  On thing we can all agree on is that if a workshop or garage is part of your home, there can never be enough tools to fill the pegboard.

Contrary to popular belief, the phrase, “The right tool for the right job“, was NOT marketing slogan for Craftsman Tools.  However, as one who spends time in a workshop at every opportunity, I will publicly attest that you can NEVER have enough tools.

Every home requires repairs and in a log home, many projects demand tools that are not normally found in the typical tool chest.  This is especially true of specialty tools such as drawknives, spokeshaves or tenon cutters and mortising tools.

If someone in your house is a DIYer, I have the perfect Christmas gift suggestions for you.  Buy them some specialty, hard to find tools that are perfect for every log home’s workshop.  When I use such a tool and am pleased with its performance, I add it to my list of “officially approved tools“.  Seriously, I own 3 different sizes of tenon cutters; mortise cutting tools, 3-4 drawknives and a box full of other useful tools.

I have built gates, repaired railings, log sections and made many furniture pieces that would have been impossible to do if I didn’t have the proper tools.  With many online companies, you can still order something and have it delivered before Christmas.  If you want to see the tools I recommend (and own), see:

There you have it, the way to make your DIYer have a very happy Christmas… talk about the gift that keeps on giving 🙂

2 comments to Log Home Santa Recommends…

  • I agree with you Log Home Santa. More the opinions more the debates and discussions.
    For the maintainance part, its true with every home and with everything you own. Proper maintainance and regular cleaning is necessary for every single thing.
    But I personally like wood or log home better. For their sophistication, their elegance, log homes are the best. And if you have researched a bit on wood homes, out of all kinds, Cedar wood is the best suited for making homes and cabins.
    Be it the patios or gazebos, wood homes have their own grace.
    A nice cosy log home in between the lake is my ultimate dream. Hope I will fulfill it soon.

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