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Is your log home ready for winter?

Fall is in the air…

Preparing for winter is something that every homeowner does in one way or another. Even if you live in a home clad in vinyl siding, there are always things that need done to keep Mother Nature where she belongs…outside. Log homes require a tad more TLC and preparation than other homes such as brick or other weather resistant materials.

Log Home staining and maintenanceLog home staining

One chore that can be an annual project depending on where you live, is staining.  One of the most popular posts on this blog was an article from 2008 that discussed staining a log home. This year alone that same post has had about 15 new comments. If staining your home is on your To-Do list you may want to see, Log Home Stains – Which is Best?

Got wood?

Many log homers heat their homes with a woodstove or keep a fire burning in the fireplace so the annual ritual of stockpiling firewood is one chore that needs attention. We use our woodstove as our primary heat source and this year I let too many distractions keep me from my summer exercise of dropping trees and buzzing them up for firewood. September rolled around and I realized I would need to buy wood this year.

Usually, I can find enough standing dead timber in my area to heat my home, but the chore of cutting down trees, cutting them up, splitting and hauling away in my truck was not going to happen before the weather turned.  So, I compromised and found a local fellow (thank you Craig’s List) who was clearing some land and was willing to sell lengths at a discounted price.  I bought a small logging truck load of 17’ trees of all sizes. There was a mix of diameters from 3” to 15” so not everything needed to be split. He dumped the logs on my property and I’ve spent the past few days playing lumberjack.

Firewood for Woodstove

Buying the wood this way saved me 30% of what I’d normally pay for a cord of wood that was cut to length and split. I enjoy (and need) the exercise so cutting these logs and splitting the large rounds seemed like a good compromise. I got my wood and my exercise and saved some money to boot.

I still have some staining to do before the weather gets much colder. My deck and railing tops need some attention. All the verticals are in great shape, but these harsh Montana winters play havoc with my deck.

What about you?  Do you have your winter prep projects finished?  What other fall chores did you do to get ready for winter? And, feel free to add to the discussion about which stain is best for log homes. As I mentioned, that article is now four years old, but people still read it and add comments as recently as this past week.

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