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Do you live in a log home?  Or, are you one of those people who live the log home experience as a hands-on DIY type?  When minor repairs are needed, do you call for help, or try to fix the problem yourself?

I’m more of the DIY kind of guy.  Like anyone else I like saving money and there are some chores I would never tackle myself (can you say roofing), but I really enjoy fixing things.  And, I enjoy making things like furniture and other indoor and outdoor projects.

Snob Conversion

At one time in my life I was a “rustic” snob.  Many years ago I had a small furniture business with me as the sole employee.  I made antique reproductions like Queen Anne lowboys and Chippendale cabinets and other early American classic furniture pieces.  And, I am proud to admit that I was pretty good at my craft.

I can remember looking at log furniture and twig furniture and just didn’t have an appreciation for it at the time.  After all, how could you compare a piece of finely crafted, hand carved furniture with something made out of logs and sticks?  It wasn’t until many years later that my snobbery changed to an appreciation for the beauty and utilitarian design of rustic furniture.

I guess it’s kind of like comparing a tuxedo to a tee-shirt and levis.  I’ll grant you that a custom tailored tuxedo is the ultimate men’s suit and the look can’t be improved upon.  However, from a pure comfort perspective, there is nothing that beats worn faded blue jeans and your favorite tee-shirt.  It’s not the ‘look’ as much as the feel and comfort.

IMHO, that argument is also one of the strongest reasons why log cabins and timber frame homes have such an appeal. They’re just so dang comfortable – and people desire that look, feel and relaxing atmosphere.  The log and rustic furniture we decorate with just adds to that feeling of wellbeing.

One of the other nice features of log furniture is that one doesn’t need to be a old-world trained craftsman to produce functional, beautiful furniture. If you like to work with wood, but have never tried your hand at building log furniture, I’m recommending that you try your hand at it.  You just may surprise yourself…and it’s a lot of fun.

With the exception of a tenon cutter and possibly a drawknife, most guys’ shops have all the basic tools needed.  If you’re ready to get started, we have a resource area that lists hand tools, tenon cutters, mortising jigs and other basics you might want to look at.  Hey, if you do create your masterpiece, snap a pic and send it along.

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