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A few months ago I talked a little about a phenomenon called ‘Social Networking‘ and I recommended that those of you in the industry explore the possibilities these sites offer.  See my earlier post here…

Anyway, I had an experience over the weekend that demonstrates how small our world really is and how a networking site can bring people (buyers and sellers) together.  I have an account and an informal Log Home Group on Facebook.  My account profile lists my personal information such as my name, where I live, hobbies, etc. 

Over the weekend I received an email via Facebook from a fellow I went to High School with (many) years ago.  I haven’t talked with this guy since we graduated and we ended up living 2,000 miles apart.

He found me – and we exchanged a few emails catching-up and he happened to mention that he and his bride were thinking about building or buying a log home.  I explained that I owned and edited the Log Home Directory and he replied that they had been using our directory as their ‘launch pad’ for their research.

How cool is that?  Someone I haven’t seen in decades is actually using our website to research companies and gather information to build his dream home.  THAT is an example of how these networking sites can benefit a business.  Although I am not a representative of a log home company, if I were… you can bet I’d have a good shot at making a sale… and rekindling an old friendship.

The message is simply that these “Social Networking’ sites offer businesses opportunities to connect with like-minded people who just might be looking for what you are selling.

Speaking of Networking…

If you want to network with companies that have the most exciting log home floor plans, be sure to click on over to our “Floor Plan Showcase“!  This is where select companies display 10 of their most popular floor plans.  This networking opportunity can save you a whole lot of searching… the latest company to join the showcase is Rocky Mountain Log Homes (see their floor plans).

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