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This post is geared to companies in the log home industry (and businesses in general), so if you are looking to learn more about log homes – and not the business of log homes, I’d recommend you visit our main directory here.

A handful of companies in the log home industry sell their products globally or nationally, but the average log home company (builders, dealers and small manufacturers) markets to clients in their local geographic area. ‘Local’ may mean a few counties, your state or a number of states, but channeling advertising dollars and marketing efforts to those areas is crucial.

The concept of ‘local search’ and its importance in the future has Google making this one of their (many) priorities. Reaching only the people you can serve conveniently is paramount to success… in any business. From the Yellow Pages, newspapers, city directories and regional publications, every city has commercial advertising options that permit you to put your message out where it can be most effective.    


However, newspaper advertising and subscriptions are down across the country. Many magazines and broadcast media are also reporting significant drops in advertising and readership. The reasons are many, but most will agree that it is the economy and the Internet that is prompting this change in people’s habits. As one who was mathematically challenged in school, I will not comment on the economy… I’ve been seeing what you’ve been seeing.

On the other hand, the Internet is something that I have been involved with since it was opened to the public in the early 90’s. Fast forward to 2008 and the Internet commands attention from every business because this is where people are getting their news, entertaining themselves and researching their purchases. Anything that a business can do to expand their reach online, and focus attention to their local business area of operation is money in the bank.

How well is your company positioned for local search?  To find out, try Googling your product category (log homes) in your state and/or zip code.
i.e. log home company, TX, 73301

If your business is not listed on the first page of the results, you need to focus on correcting this if you want to expand your reach to new prospective buyers. You can do this a number of ways that include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), obtaining links from other local related businesses, etc. One of the easiest ways of increasing local exposure is to take advantage of websites that provide free listings of local businesses.

In our industry, one of the best places to make sure you have a listing is Log Home Living and Log Home Design magazines’ online community. If you join (for free), you can create a profile of your company, upload photos and videos and have an opportunity to meet with other businesses and log home prospects. One word of caution… like most online forums, this is not a place to try and hard-sell the audience. Aggressive or overt marketing can get you escorted to the door. This is a place to contribute your knowledge and expertise and help answer questions. Who you are and what you do will be evident to the community and those that like what you have to say may contact you about doing some business.

In any event, this offers a great place to have your company listed where others are likely to discover you. The icing on the cake is that Google indexes these pages regularly and this listing will be positive for your main website’s ranking.

This is a topic on which I could write endlessly for the next few weeks, and most likely bore you to tears… so, I’ll refrain from doing so. However, next week I’ll give you a few more ideas as to how you can better position your company to maximize local search.

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