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Log Home Maintenance – Log Steps

In my previous post,  Log Home DIY Maintenance, I told you about our log steps that needed to be replaced. I filmed the removal and installation of our new log steps.  Click on any photo to view the video of the installation process.

Much care was taken in removing the old staircase so as not to damage the deck or support posts.

Fortunately, we could reuse the old handrails and posts, but they needed to be refitted to the new logs.

Watching these craftsmen scribe and cut the seats to fit the old posts was an enjoyable experience for me… but they wouldn’t let me help  🙂

Once the staircase was mounted to the deck and the handrails and posts fitted, the finished installation was a work of art.

Prior to the install, Montana Log Homes came by for a visit to measure the old staircase.  Then they went back to their log yard, cut and clean peeled the logs, and assembled everything there.  As you can see in the video, the complete handcrafted log staircase was delivered to our home and installed in a matter of hours.  Watch the video here!

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