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Water Damage to Log Homes & Doors

When you live in a log home you quickly discover that things like caulking and repairing wood damaged by the elements is priority numero uno.  A small breach left untended can grow into a minor emergency requiring logs to be repaired, replaced or worse.  Unlike most other building materials (brick, vinyl siding, etc.), wood must be protected and repairs made quickly.

Obviously, the hardest thing to discover is a leak that cannot be seen.  By the time it is called to your attention, the damage is usually done and the water stains are visible. I recently had such an experience. A leak developed from the bottom of a metal-clad entry door and it was not noticed until the water stains were appearing on the inside of the door. By the time I took action, the damage was extensive.

The door in question opened to a deck from a bedroom and was seldom used. Furniture in front of the door blocked our view of a water stain that was spreading from the inside of the door. When I finally became aware that we had a problem, I faced the dreaded decision – repair or replace.

Log Home Door Wood Rot

Wood rot on an external insulated door.

I chose to attempt a repair knowing that if I was not successful I would need to replace the door anyhow.  As a DIY type, I love challenges, but I was afraid that this one might be more than I bargained for. The only good news was that this repair would be on the stationary side of the entryway, not the door which takes more abuse from opening and closing.  To read the whole story go here and see pictures of my DIY door repair project.


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