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I received a very nice compliment a few days ago, along with a question from a Jerome & Linda. The question is one I’ve been asked in the past, so I thought I would answer it with this post. They said…

Hi, my wife and I are considering building a log home and we’re in the research phase, which is how we found your directory. We thought it might be a good idea to subscribe to a couple log home magazines and since you’re the expert I thought I’d ask your opinion on which are the best log home magazines? … Also, I wanted to compliment you on your log home website. We’ve learned a lot that we didn’t know and already contacted two manufacturers we found on your site. Thanks, good stuff there.

First of all, thank you very much for the compliment about our Log Home Directory, but I must state for the record that I don’t really consider myself an expert. This just happens to be a passion of mine and I love everything about the log home and log furniture industries – but thanks anyhow.

Believe it or not, that is a tough question to answer because there are just so many good log home and timberframe related magazines available. I know because I subscribe to quite a few of them. As with anything else, some may be better than others, but all tend to offer great consumer information and industry insight. Some magazines are focused on particular segments like timberframe or floorplans and decor, etc. but all are inexpensive and will offer something of what you are looking for.

Our directory lists the most popular magazines here (including my favorites). I would recommend that you subscribe to a couple publications or possibly contact the publisher for a sample issue. When you are considering a major purchase such as a log home, a few $20 subscriptions just might save you thousands of dollars, but if nothing else they will give you plenty of ideas.

Also, there are a number of excellent books on this subject that I would highly recommend. Again, our directory highlights a few of those books that I consider to be worthwhile. Browse our recommended log home books here.

For any of you considering building or purchasing an existing log home, I hope this helps. Thanks again to Jerome & Linda for the kind words, and be sure to send us a picture of that new home when you make your decision.

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